Business Card Factory Deluxe

Business Card Factory Deluxe 4.0

Business Card Factory Deluxe is the fastest,easiest way to create business cards

Business Card Factory Deluxe is the fastest, easiest way to create business cards ... and more.
You can choose from more than 4,600 customizable templates for virtually every type of business. Or create your own designs from more than 45,000 clip art images, including 750 logo elements. Then, print your cards on micro-perforated card stock from Avery, PaperDirect and other manufacturers guaranteed to be 100% compatible.
* Design up to 10 cards on one sheet of paper
* Print business cards for your entire company using mail merge
* Precision layout and alignment tools
* 750 graphic elements to create your own logo
* Wide variety of custom text effects
* Import graphics in virtually any format
* Compatible with Avery® Clean Edge, PaperDirect and other
micro-perforated business card stock

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